Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosting for the business you own demands a very wise decision. The world is living online and to sustain in this fast developing online world it is really important that you choose the right server hosting for your online business. When you have the best possible website for your business your part of imposing a lasting impression is already done.

Choosing the right hosting allows your website to be accessible at all times. Dedicated server hosting is the solution for the dilemma you face while choosing the right hosting. Nearly all of the successful business websites chose dedicated server hosting over the other types. It is capable of handling a large traffic and provides a better accessibility and uptime. We will chalk down some advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting so that you don’t stress while you choose.


You will never have to compromise on the performance and reliability. Dedicated server hosting offers one with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Along with that the information and media those are accessed, stored and shared on your website remains completely under your control. Dedicated server hosting also guarantees speed and accessibility offering the website visitors the best experience in terms of accessing all the pages of your website more quickly.

Dedicated Server Hosting undoubtedly offers a far better level of security than the other hosting types such as VPS, cloud server hosting or shared hosting. While you sign up for a dedicated server hosting you can be certain that all the resources on that specific server belong to you and only you making it much more secure that servers shared by different businesses.

Shared hosting holds a major drawback and that is the inability to access certain features even by the website owners. The host restricts any owner from accessing those specific features. Dedicated Server Hosting seems more legit in this case. It offers the website owners with flexibility and greater control. When you don’t have to share the server with anyone you have the power to access any part of the server without any restrictions. This allows more flexibility and growth to your business.

Along with all of these, a dedicated server hosting also provides the business the room to grow by offering the required additional space minus the fuss of migrating to a new server every single time.


The primary conflict one encounter while choosing dedicated server hosting over shared hosting is the pocket pinch. Dedicated Server Hosting is much more expensive than shared or any other type of hosting and the expenses to be covered for setting up, maintaining and repairing a dedicated server becomes a matter of concern for the website owners.

Technical Knowledge also plays an important role while one chooses a dedicated server hosting, IP routing, Server mechanisms and MX record are among the few of all the extensive networking knowledge and skills one require to establish and manage a website on a dedicated server. It can be tedious job fixing a dedicated server if it crashes, but that does not happen usually

Opting for a dedicated server is promising if the website attracts a lot of traffic, but if the website is new it is advisable to opt for shared hosting or cloud server hosting for the time being.

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