What is cPanel?

Simply put, cPanel is a control panel which lets you manage all elements of your hosting account. It’s a web based control panel that’s used to manage Windows or Linux based web hosts or servers. The cPanel lets users control email addresses, databases, domain names, different PHP versions as well as any other element of a web server.
Because cPanel is such a simple and easy to use graphical dashboard, and due to the fact that it’s properly maintained with regular improvements, updates, and security features, the majority of hosting companies use cPanel to help customers manage their web sites.

cPanel Features.

The cPanel interface
The cPanel interface has undergone refining again and again over the years, and the interface can also be customized by the web host offering the services. In general, however, a cPanel interface has the following key sections: Mail, Files, Preferences, Domains, Database, Security and Logs. The interface is polished and easy to use and is one of the leading aspects that make cPanel so popular.

Accessing the cPanel
It’s simple to access the cPanel installation through a web browser. Your hosting provider will give you the address of the panel. Do not be scared by the 2082 digits in the URL as it is the port number that cPanel listens to by default. However, it’s recommended to always access it through a secure HTTPS connection or else you risk security breach.

Top Features of cPanel
cPanel hosting software offers hundreds of features that are all aimed at enabling you to easily manage your email, databases, website and online software. Some of these features are listed below:

Domain Management
This hosts either one or multiple domains per account. Multiple domain hosting enables unique domains to be stacked on top of the primary one or even be pointed to one specific folder.
Backup Facility
It’s very important to ensure that all your contents on the server have been backed up. Luckily, the issue of having a backup can easily be solved through installing a cPanel in a web host. This enables you to recover any data in case of a disaster.

Email Management
In the hosting package, you will get with the web host, you can easily create several email accounts. cPanel then lets you assign domain names to all these email accounts. The feature also lets you set up email accounts and forwarders. You can accomplish most email settings with only a few clicks.

File Manager
This feature lets you easily manage your account via WHM and CPanel’s software file manager. This is an online web-based file manager.

Anonymous FTP Controls
Thanks to this feature, your users can connect to your anonymous FTP directory without necessarily using a password. While this may be useful in making files to be publicly available for download, it could be a security hole since you are essentially letting anonymous people access your system.

Apache Handlers
This feature is important since it lets you control how Apache handles requests for certain types of files or extensions from search engines and visitors. This simply means that you will be able to select the Apache that handles the files contained in shared cPanel website hosting space, and how they will be handled in case the search engines come up crawling.

Error Page
This feature allows you to configure the Apache so as to display custom error pages that will have been created for displaying them anytime you website experiences errors or problems.

Cron Jobs
The feature allows you set up some scripts which you might have running in the background of the website. These can be run automatically at predetermined times so as to perform certain jobs that they will have been designed for.

Advantages of cPanel

Saves time
Managing a website was quite time-consuming in the past. Not only did the use of command lines entail technical expertise but it also required a lot of time. Since the whole thing was done through codes, even the smallest changes required a lot of time.With cPanel however, you can make changes in an instant since features are fully automated. For instance, it’s very easy to back up an entire site with cPanel.
Saves money
Since cPanel hosting software is comparatively easy to use, you can be the web administrator even with basic computer skills. In fact, you can do it yourself or even your spouse or business partner. There is no need to hire someone with computer expertise to manage it for you. In a case of a problem, all you need to do is to reach out to the customer support team of cPanel anytime.
Upgrading a website is easier
A website can become bigger not only in terms of its service or product offerings but also in terms of hits it gets. If this happens, the only way is to upgrade the site. This means increasing the site’s bandwidth so it doesn’t experience unnecessary downtime.
Managing the resources of an account would improve the load times and the resilience of the website during traffic spikes. You can accomplish this with one or two clicks using cPanel.Moreover, there are many apps cPanel gives its users. These range from bulletin boards, blogs guest books, and e-commerce. All these add-ons can help create a more dynamic and robust website that can guarantee a steady visitor stream.


Designed for small and medium firms websites• The license cost also looks a bit of an issue for smaller firms as it could be expensive.
However, these cons pale in comparison to the many pros of using cPanel. For most website owners, the advantages provide good enough reasons to choose a web hosting service that uses cPanel server.


cPanel is a great and customizable control panel that has withstood the test of time. It has an active community that is more than ready to help you in case you run into problems while using it. What makes cPanel web hosting so popular is its straightforward user interface that can be understood even by a first-time user. But also suitable for professionals because of its enterprise-level features such as multi-server management and IPV6 support. You can also check a bunch of Free Alternatives to cPanel.

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