Why Litespeed Web Server is becoming popular?

Why Litespeed Web Server is becoming popular?

Starting and running a successful web hosting company is not easy. One of the things you need is a reliable web server. It is the desire of every webmaster to find a company that offers good speed as well as error free web server. However, selecting the best web server can be one of the most daunting tasks for beginners. It is advisable to conduct proper research to can make an informed decision. Litespeed Web Server is among the best options to go for. If you are a growing businessperson then LiteSpeed web server is the best solution to all your problems. Besides the speed, Litespeed Web Server is a great option for sites to be hosted including Drupal, Word Press and Joomla among others. No one would want to waste his or her time on a site whose speed is too slow. If you would like to avoid any issues related to speed then it is high time you thought about Litespeed Web server. To find out more about the web server, read on.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions

There are different options to consider when it comes to Litespeed Web Server. Here are the three editions offered by the company.

OpenLiteSpeed Edition

The open lite edition can be accessed for free. It can also be used by both experienced users as well as novices. This implies that the hosting services can be managed by an individual with or without any form of assistance from an expert. The server is compatible with high traffic sites. It also comes with built-in page caching. It is considered a perfect option when it comes to personal use.

Standard Edition

If you are looking for a web server for small sites then you have come to the right place. The edition also comes for free and can be compatible with Apache. It is also compatible with different hosting panels. It works perfectly with web servers when used with cloud infrastructure. The server can be applied for both commercial and personal use depending on your preference.

Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition combines feature of editions. The edition is compatible with hosting control platforms. In addition, it provides users with amazing support. It also assists webmasters whose main job is selling products to other parties.

Why choose Litespeed web server

As we mentioned earlier, selecting the best web server is not a walk in the park. Litespeed Web Server comes with many features that will make you fall in love with it even more. Here are good reasons to choose Litespeed Web server or any other.

LiteSpeed is a perfect replacement of Apache

Do you have apache running on your servers? Well, if you would like to speed they up then you have no reason to look beyond Litespeed Web server. The transition is not only smooth but also easy. You only need to code in .htaccess and then proceed. The httpd.conf file will continue to work in a similar manner. The switch from Apache to Litespeed server is likely to take some time. The process normally takes around 2-3 seconds on average. There is a free plugin that can be used in case you are working on cPanel/WHM.

The Server increases performance

The server is a perfect choice for busy sites. A busy site, in this case, means websites that attract massive traffic from time to time. The server works well with minimal hardware resources required for the same. You only need a CPU and memory. The server serves static content at a faster rate compared to any other server out there. The server increases PHP performance because it boasts of custom PHP LSAPI. The service will also save you a lot of money in the long run. It is not mandatory to dig deeper into your pocket in the name of web server when Litespeed has a solution for you. For instance, if you have a WordPress site a Cpanel host that applies Apache which has been costing your downtime as well as costing your visitors to your website then you can solve the issue by going for LiteSpeed. The load will drop by as high as 20+ once you install the web server. There are many businesses that have grown into global spanning conglomeration because of the Litespeed web server.

LiteSpeed Web Server boosts security

Security is among the most important considerations as far as web hosting is concerned. If you want to promote the security of your site then you will never go wrong with Litespeed. The mod security module can be applied in blocking web attacks. There is no extra work required when it comes to offering security to your site. The same rules applied with Apache will be used when it comes to Litespeed server. The web server comes with a wide range of security features to protect your site from DoS or DDoS attack. These forms of attacks are very common in the modern world and Litespeed is the only way to protect your site. The web server has built-in anti-DDoS including connection and bandwidth throttling among others. The features have the capability to fix the attacks in less than 2 hours hence protecting your site from any peril.

LiteSpeed lowers hardware costs
It does not make sense to waste money on other web servers that will not meet your needs. It is considered better to pay $ 32 to get the Litespeed license instead of hundreds of dollars in adding more hardware to enable your site to handle more load. The server also brings extra benefits such as additional security and speed of your website. Furthermore, it lowers the costs for systems administration because it comes with 24/7 customer support. Whether it is a weekend or holiday, the customer support team will address your queries hence giving you’re a peace of mind.

Better results and more profit

Loss of visitors because of downtime leads to loss of profit. Business owners who run busy e-commerce sites never want to experience downtime even for a second. Litespeed is the best way to solve this problem once and for all.