Cheap Dedicated Server in Germany  – Your Guide to the Best Server

Cheap Dedicated Server in Germany – Your Guide to the Best Server

When all your online business depends on is a simple website to run, you could use a hosting company and be contented with it. However, if your online business or operations are broad and involve gaming apps, e-commerce systems, and web services, you need to purchase a cheap dedicated server in Germany. A dedicated server allows you maximum uptime, quick response rate and gives high efficiency to your web service users. Unlike a shared hosting plan where you are competing with other company websites, the dedicated server allows you to use the service alone without sharing resources. Again in shared hosting, you have no full control over when your web service is up or down—the hosting company could switch their server down without prior communication. With a dedicated server though, you are in full control and responsibility for your web services.

Dedicated servers are a must have for gaming app owners so as to allow for multiplayer to access one game at the same time and seamlessly play it without any challenges. Mobile money companies such as Mesa, World Remit, Misa and e-commerce systems should also have dedicated servers for their operations. Government websites that provide services such as online filing of tax returns, application of immigration documents such as passports and visas need dedicated servers to operate and provide these vital services without any hassles on the side of the user.

A dedicated server allows you maximum uptime services as well as high bandwidth speeds and quality customer support by the service providers. While it is uneconomical to buy your own server, there are companies that chiefly deal with this where they provide you with server services and all you have to do is work on your website seamlessly. As you buy your cheap dedicated server located in Germany you need to make some considerations:

Hardware features

You need high-quality hardware that is not likely to break down when multiple clients are using your app. A fast CPU speed and large hard disk capacity should also be part of your hardware considerations. A server is just like your personal computer. If it has low specs, it will be slow and could break down anytime. Your preferred Germany cheap dedicated server should, therefore, have a good processor, RAM, and hard disk space. The power supply needs to have an automatic backup such that your clients will never be met by the disappointing message that your system is down due to power problems. Whereas all this is important, you might not be able to cross-check all these hardware especially if you are buying the dedicated server remotely. However, you could send your IT personnel to the seller and check that the hardware really fits the bill.


While cheaply is expensive in the world of ICT, you should not agree to be ripped off your hard earned money with exorbitant dedicated servers whereas you could get one of the same quality but at lower prices. Comparing prices is therefore key in getting your server.

Quality support

Your dedicated server needs to be a managed one such that you get quality support anytime you are having a problem with your control panel or when there is a DDOS attack on your service.

Operating system

Most Germany dedicated servers either have Windows or Linux Operating system. In choosing between the two, you need to ask yourself how much control does the software give you. Linux is the most appropriate since it is open source and requires less a software installations as compared to windows. Linux also gives you more control on your web services.
Unmetered bandwidth

There are two bandwidth options when buying your dedicated server. Some are metered whereas others will show you that they are unmetered. With metered, you are only given a certain bandwidth per month which when it gets exhausted, you are asked to buy more. Unmetered bandwidth, on the other hand, allows you to use as much bandwidth as possible without additional costs.

Ease of Use

As a webmaster, you are interested in the fine running of your business operations. You, therefore, would like a dedicated server that has an easy control panel that does not give you headaches as you try to understand it.

Customer service Testimonials

Before buying your Frankfurt dedicated server, you need to check how the customer service is ranked by other users. This will show you testimonials of what past customers think about the dedicated server provider. To carry out a quick research on this, you can go to your search engine and type ‘customer reviews Frankfurt dedicated servers. The search engine will generate the top searches based on your keyword and from there you can visit the most relevant searches that show what customers feel about the Frankfurt dedicated servers. However, you should not take everything written on the forums at face value.

There will always be dedicated server providers who are on the lookout to aggressively market their products by asking content writers to come up with favorable reviews about their product. Again, you might find lousy customers who have a low opinion about the servers that does not truly reflect the truth. Take everything with a pinch of salt and read as many reviews as possible. You can also join web hosting forums and ask the members whether they have used the product you want to buy and how they would recommend it to other people.


All marketers would like to advertise their dedicated servers as the best. They will, therefore, tell you that they have a 99.9% uptime which at most times is false. As a buyer, you need to conduct your private research so as to verify whether those adverts are correct before heading on to buy. You could also install a free server monitor for the dedicated server you are interested in so as to track its uptime.