Why AWS is draining your pockets and what is the Solution?

Why AWS is draining your pockets and what is the Solution?

Web hosts, resellers, and Internet users, in general, are complaining about the expensive pricing of Amazon web solutions (AWS). Not surprisingly, a lot of these people are customers who began using AWS due to its popularity, and some even left their previous computing platforms for the same reasons. This is understandable because the offers and features that come with using AWS look so attractive from a distance. This, however, goes south really quickly once a person has been on the internet long enough to be able to compare it with other services. Even if they have never used any other computing platform, the internet is a place where no secrets can be kept and sooner or later, they will realize how much more money can be saved using a different hosting service.

A dollar goes so far, so one cannot afford to spend money on anything that is not cost-effective, especially on the internet because it is a necessary evil that simply cannot be done away with. This is why it is important to evaluate input and output and whether it is really worth it to spend thousands of dollars on something that can be found for cheaper and even better quality.

The true pricing of AWS bandwidth

It would not be right to make allegations without actually showing proof so, here is the calculation of what using AWS will cost a common person. If for instance, if the usage is 3000GB outbound and 300GB inbound, that would be 10 MBPS at $268 per month. If this same calculation is done for 150000GB outbound, and 15000GB inbound, that is 500 MBPS at $12410 per month.

Unlike using a dedicated server, Amazon provides database and disks as services and therefore, a user cannot tune or control it. What happens is, they maintain the hardware for you and help you with the database servers. This is what makes people choose AWS, not realizing that they trade their ability to get high performance. To mask this, an IOPS feature is provided that lets you decide what kind of performance you want. For good performance, you would pay a large amount of money, and for a low price, you get poor performance. With good service, like the one serverbundle.com provides, you will not have to forfeit anything, good performance or money. The only reason why AWS looks deceivingly cheap is that of the hourly rates and the IOPS rates. These do not really help when you look at the bigger picture, and they actually cost so much at the end of the day.

How 100tb servers from serverbundle.com can help.

Depending on how much your online presence is, bandwidth can cause so much without the right server. Over time, the need of reliable servers has become so high compared to the past. With this high demand, more and more companies have arisen to offer these services, and now hosting is not as expensive. The real hustle is having the right provider.

The internet entails so much now, with everyone using pictures, audios and videos among other materials, which make space a very much needed computing commodity. 100Mbps is not enough space anymore as compared to some time ago.

100tb provides users with very reliable uptime at minimal costs. If a website gets a lot of traffic, there is a need for a dedicated server. It is quite uneconomical to share bandwidth, especially since not everyone uses the same amount of space. Without 100tb bandwidth, your website visitors will suffer downtime and other errors related to lack of good bandwidth.

Shared hosting will only slow you down and therefore you cannot depend on it. Other websites will slow yours down and other factors like ads, poor images, and videos, even compatibility with a browser might affect your speed. However, getting a dedicated server will give you control of everything and therefore your website will become strong. There is no need to forsake your privacy with a dedicated server, and the customization options are endless.

Using 100tb bandwidth servers will give you advantages such as:

  • Reliable resource management. You will have enough space so there will be no need to worry about abrupt expenses brought about by the urgent need of space.
  • Powerful connections. The connection can be hindered by slow speed and huge amounts of incoming traffic. This is not going to be an issue using 100tb bandwidth.
  • Consistent growth. Because of the good connection that comes with having 100tb, your website can be able to flourish. Traffic will be seamlessly handled and therefore your site visitors will have no problem viewing your site. This is how traffic will increase rapidly with time.
  • Complete satisfaction. You will end up worrying less by getting the most out of this service since you will be assured of maximum speed. This will let you relax and focus on building your site.
  • Great cost. This type of hosting does not require huge sums of money, and that is why it is so widely used by people all over the world. On its own, it’s great, but when you add on how cost effective it is, you realize how much potential you can acquire.
  • Guaranteed success. No downtime and 100% uptime all the time is exactly what a growing or a well-established website needs. Either way, everybody wins without much struggle.

It is true that AWS have prices that are on the upper side. Getting a dedicated hosting service like serverbundle.com will solve this problem. Sure, it seems like you will only be saving a few hundred dollars. But if you look at it from a different angle, the more time that is spent on the internet, the more space is needed and even more, money is required in order to continue enjoying services that are mandatory for you to succeed in the online business. In the long run, what was a hundred dollars becomes a thousand, and a thousand becomes ten thousand and so on and so forth. Before you realize it, you will have spent more money than was necessary, for services that you could have easily acquired with a server using 100tb bandwidth.