High bandwidth solutions – 100TB servers

High bandwidth solutions – 100TB servers

A dedicated hosting service, also known as a managed hosting service is a form of internet hosting protocol where the provider leases a complete server to a company, ensuring it is not shared with any other company. As opposed to shared hosting, the organization is given full management of the server, both hardware, and software.

Dedicated hosting is classified into two, standard and complex dedicated hosting. The major difference between the two lies in the intensity of administrative and hardware assistance offered by the provider to the client. This is determined by how much a client is willing to pay for the hosting company’s services. For complex hosting, the provider helps in both software and hardware server management. The hosting company provides storage space (especially in data centers). These services ensure guaranteed security, email stability, efficient performance, and control. It’s expensive nature, however, makes it most popular for websites with high traffic volumes.


100tb bandwidth dedicated servers offer powerful, high-performance internet hosting solutions that are tailored to be fast, reliable and scalable according to your requirements. These servers come with an after-sales support from the service provider’s team of experts.

They are provided on different types of hosting platforms, from virtual servers to bare metal dedicated servers and also private clouds for extra safe storage space. Apart from hosting, up-to-date software installation services are offered, including different mainstream operating systems (together with their specific templates).


These are single servers networked with world class, efficient technology that is self-owned by the provider company. These give you complete separation from other users, ensuring maximum functionality and control for you. Their spectacular features include the availability of committed network ports, a variety of data center storage destinations to choose from and quick, automated operation. These servers are advantageous because of these properties:

  • Flexibility: these servers are simple to operate on, and they allow you to customize them according to your business’s requirements and application.
  • Automation: the platform is automated to respond adequately to your customization needs and properties. Support teams are also available 24/7, dedicated to providing assistance wherever necessary.
  • Security: data centers are insured with top-notch verification and around the clock monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of your data and equipment
  • Action: the servers run on quality hardware, allowing for fast, result – oriented operation

There are some pre-built bare metal servers, which can be customized by including your desired requirements on demand. Speed ports are also to be decided by you, our esteemed customer.


Private clouds are seasoned on committed, quality hardware that can support different functions be it storing some personal sensitive data or hosting your virtual machines. They are created to fulfill a necessity for privacy in a sense that here, you control, manage and manipulate all your data, networks, storage and personal space as you wish without sharing with others. Server deployment and customization are speedy in order to save time and meet the growing customer demand. This is just like having your own personal data center, considering all control is done by you. Private clouds are advantageous because:

  • Timely deployment and customization of your server help you save time. The servers are instantly ready for making your order.
  • The safety of your data is guaranteed since your server is secluded and all network, control and storage management is in your jurisdiction.
  • They are automated and thus easy to operate on and manage, saving you that extra time and money as you focus on expanding your business

High-performance clouds are extremely flexible and can easily be personalized to suit your needs, from storage space to network models.


These provide reliable, affordable and effective storage capacities since some come laden with SSD disks and configured in RAID technology to increase their functionality. The engineers only focus on hosting since everything else is self-customized by you and automated to give you ample time to proceed with business. The major advantages of virtual servers include:

  • They have RAID technology and extra SSD storage media to increase their action and consistency
  • You can easily control your data flow and commands
  • They are hosted in safe data centers with regular monitoring, ensuring complete safety of your data

The major disadvantage of using this type of platform is that the speed of data transfer is decided by the number of connections sharing the same server.

The SSD disks are installed according to your requirements and needs. They come in different storage capacities. Software installation is also done with your preference in mind, also taking care of your budget.


100TB servers always come prepackaged with different mainstream operating systems including Windows, Linux, among others, together with their individual custom templates that you can use to configure your server. They also provide software manipulation services like customary package installation and partitioning, together with virtualization technologies and both hardware and software security measures like firewalls to protect your system from DDOS attacks. Some of the operating systems offered include Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, among others.


Service providers offer a wide range of dedicated servers in different geographical locations which you can customize according to your business requirements. Price ranges are also bendable, dependent on different factors like specifications, availability and also location. However, a standard monthly charge for quality 100Tb bandwidth servers is somewhere from $200 and above, considering other factors like required storage space and so on.


For websites that are growing at a significantly fast rate, data transfer can be really expensive, especially when the service provider decides to charge the customer an extra fee for using more than the allocated bandwidth. Dedicated web hosting services offer a more relaxed way to deal with your website and handle your business. Some of its advantages include:

  • Reliable hosting: the servers are positioned on top of the world data centers, ensuring maximum performance and guaranteeing 24/7 reliable operability
  • High-performance connectivity: the fact that one server is not shared ensures maximum space and bandwidth allocation and thus no downtime
  • Cost efficiency: you pay a monthly flat fee for bandwidth used thus there is no bandwidth overage fee. Data transfer is dependent on the speed of the connection you choose your package.
  • Dedicated resource allocation: individuality on a server ensures that you receive nothing short of 100% access to resources on the server

All high bandwidth products and services operate focusing on the objective of enhancing performance. To ensure maximum functionality, 100TB bandwidth service providers observe the following standard measures:

  • Data centers: up-to-date data centers that are fully staffed 24/7 with trained engineers and globally spread with 24/7 CCTV monitoring for transparency, fully networked with automated cooling system and dual power grids
  • Networks: are completely operational, running on quality hardware and routing systems to ensure minimum or no compromise on productivity with 0% packet loss and 100% network uptime
  • Security and Automation: data centers require a different number of steps for verification procedure including both physical and biometric levels of security. Server deployment, network configuration, and web access are automated, plus a regular monitoring and reporting system
  • Hardware: equipment used is of a high quality, and is inclusive of repair parts on standby.
  • Support staff: stand-by engineers are also available 24/7 all year round, to facilitate any form of assistance you may require and also perform any necessary repairs or updates on time.