Know the steps to start a blog

The importance of a blog website is felt more than ever in the recent years. Quite often people want to start a blog website right away but face the lack of knowledge required to start. This article will enlighten you of the step by step processes you require to start a WordPress blog even if you are not a geeky type. You don’t have to be very technically sound in order to start off with a WordPress Blog and anyone from age 20 to age 60 can literally start off with zero technical knowledge. Let’s look into the most basic steps you need to understand while you plan to start.

Steps for staring a Blog with WordPress

  • Opt for As this is the self-hosted WordPress. In this, you get the services free of cost, have the authority to install plugins customize the site’s designs and even earn money without any restrictions. After this, you will have to do the set up yourself and host it yourself as well. Domain name and web hosting are the mandatory steps that follow. Domain name is what the people type to find your website on the internet. It’s basically a name for your website, the only catch is it has to be unique. Two websites with same domain names cannot exist. Web Hosting is the house of your website on the internet. Every website requires hosting.
  • Install WordPress: After you have successfully got your domain name and have hosted your website through platforms like which provides server hosting services install the WordPress. Following installation and some check boxes, you will be required to enter your site name, username, and password. Wait for the success notice on top of the screen and once you get it you have successfully created your free WordPress blogging website.
  • WordPress themes: Following the completion, you will be required to choose a WordPress theme. The visual appeal completely depends on the theme you choose for your blog site. Go to the WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance and then Themes. You will be welcomed to the exciting world of captivating themes, both paid and free. Choose your theme as per your preference from over 4100 free themes available. Choose the theme, hit the install button wait for installation and then click on activate button. You are all ready to go, you can also customize the selected theme in the in the customize link under the Appearance menu.
  • Start your First Post: Write your first blog post by simply “Posts” button in your WordPress dashboard followed by the “Add New” button. After completion hit the “Publish” button and your post is live on the internet. Organize the posts by using “Categories” and “Tags” selection to give it a more professional look.
  • Plug-Ins and Customization: Following your first blog post you probably feel the need of adding other important information on the page like About us page, Contact Form and more.You need the WordPress plugin for these features. Install the WordPress plugins from over the 46000 choices available and you are all set with your new, completed Blogging website created totally free of cost with WordPress
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