Learn Everything About SeedBox

The seedbox offers you with access to a remote high speed dedicated server which is highly useful for uploading as well as downloading of files in a secure and faster than ever with Seedbox.

A seedbox is nothing but a dedicated high-speed server. It is a remote server hosted in a high bandwidth data center mainly used for safe uploading and downloading of digital files. The main reasons for using a seedbox is for faster transfer of torrents. The need of a seedbox is not faced by all but any individual who transfers a lot of files and aspires to have a good ratio on a private bit torrent tracker he/she should consider having a seedbox. The speed of transfers through a seed box ranges something between 10Mbps- 10Gbps. If you own a seedbox you can download these files to your personal computer anonymously. Seedboxes are often complimented with other features like Open VPN, Automation tools, and even Secure Remote Desktop and more.

Seedboxes also have the ability to bypass eavesdroppers like RIAA or MPAA and also to avoid ISP throttling. If you do not have a seedbox, you are a handicap. You will eventually notice that you lack the ability to upload even if you have managed to squeeze into an elite private BT tracker like SCC, BitMeTV or TL. If you do not possess a good sharing ratio the account you hold is likely to get pruned and your days. Setting up a SeedBox is the solution to this problem. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why you require a Seed Box and which is the best seedbox from the lot.

Advantages of having a Seedbox.

  • Speed- The most primary reason for setting up a seedbox is its speed which is usually numbered at 100Mbits line and even more. This number makes it much faster than any home Internet access.
  • Downloading and Uploading- With a seedbox, you can expect to download a 700mb file in practically flat 3 minutes. In the case of uploading, the ratio is maintained by a seedbox is healthy, which is important for the long running of the membership. You will have 1:1 ratio within the very first minutes and can rise up to a staggering 10:1 ratio within the first hour. Uploading is an important reason why people opt for setting up a SeedBox.
  • Competition- Private Tracking members are in a competition all the time and if you have a seedbox you can be sure to have a powerful edge. As a matter of fact with private tracking members’ seedboxes are no longer an option but a mandatory for the longer running of the accounts.
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