5 WP Plugin To Increase Your Email Subscriber

5 WP Plugin To Increase Your Email Subscriber

We at server Bundle provides you affordable wordpress hosting so that you can do various thing with them, this is the reason we are sharing some cool pluggin which will help you to earn more subscriber

1.Gravity Forms: Ease of use, reliability, support, flexibility to create forms that are as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Also, in general, if you’re going to build a product and a business, it is always a good idea to spend some hands-on time of your own with your competitor’s product. Be objective, and learn what you can. It will always be time and money well spent. It’s an incredible tool that’s well supported and well documented. Using their documentation, you will be able to write custom functions that fire after submission which gives you a huge amount of control over what happens to the information. Unfortunately, if you aren’t actually customizing the functions or working with the php, you’ll have a hard time using Gravity Forms to its full potential. However, if you’re comfortable with php and working with the files on the server, it’ll seriously do just about anything you need. With having a developer license you can use it on countless projects. It makes creating forms of all types a breeze and is pretty easy to customize for specialize.

2. OptinMonster: The cool thing about OptinMonster is that it has many different forms to choose from, such as lightbox, full-screen takeover, inline code, sidebar widgets, and more. Switch to using OptinMonster for your email capture tool, and it will be nothing short of amazing! Purchase their pro plan, which is $199/year, but well worth it if you understand the ROI of email marketing. You can find a coupon code that could save you some. You’d like to use the exit-intent technology and you will be surprised by the result.

3.MailChimp, combined with Ninja Forms: useful for creating and managing MailChimp forms on a website. You don’t technically need Ninja Forms to run a mailing list with MailChimp, but it makes it so much easier to manage. You would love this setup because you can actually sort your subscribers by what form they filled out, which can be used to tell you what they’re interested in. That allows you to send more relevant email to whoever subscribed. Disclosure: Yet again, the MailChimp addon for Ninja Forms isn’t free. If that’s not your thing, no biggie just use MailChimp’s embed options. It takes more time, but it definitely can get the job done.

4.SumoMe: It is free (-ish) and can do what you’re looking for. It’s free & allows you to do what you’re asking + a lot more.

5.MailPoet combined with MandrillApp: You can set MailPoet up so the emails are entirely configured, you can set it up to post out your latest content etc, you can set it up so users can subscribe to posts, you can set up multiple mailing list, you can configure some cool footers, promotional material in your emails, branding etc. You can use MandrillApp to handle sending the emails rather than bothering to configure the SPF records and all the other nonsense required to get emails to be delivered successfully. There’s also Mailgun. Both MandrillApp and MailGun provide for 10,000+ emails per month to be sent for free. Mailpoet is free too for the basic version.

5 Best Forum Hosting Software

5 Best Forum Hosting Software

Forum is an old school way of interacting with people, back in the early days forums is considered as like a social media today, you can host your Forum in one of the servers of Server Bundle seamlessly and in an affordable cost

Discourse : Discourse brings many improvements:

  • Dealing with off-topic posts: Reply as a linked topic.
  • Gamification/built-in trust system: Automatically prevents trolls, spammers, and bad actors from taking over.
  • Get notifications when your name is mentioned.
  • Login with Facebook etcetera.
  • When you return to a topic, Discourse lets you start reading right where you left off.
  • Start writing a reply, continue later perhaps on a different computer.
  • Works on mobile device using web browser. No app download required.
  • Application programming interface.
  • Replies and parent-posts can be shown “inline” just next to the post you’re reading.
  • Drag and drop images.
  • Real time updates.
  • Pasted links automatically expand to provide additional context and information.
  • Every link in Discourse shows a click count.

Vanilla Forums : Vanilla seems to have already implemented fairly many features that Discourse has? These interesting features are, however, “hidden” on a 20 page long listing, together with many other not-terribly-interesting features.

  • Dealing with off-topic posts: If a post gets enough off-topic votes, it is “buried”, so it won’t derail the discussion.
  • Gamification/built-in trust system: Users gain reputation by contributing to the forum. Higher reputation –> new abilities. For example, if you star a very popular topic, you gain reputation.
  • Get notifications when your name is mentioned.
  • Login with Facebook etcetera.
  • When you return to a topic, Vanilla puts you right where you stopped reading the last time.
  • Vanilla auto-saves your content as you are entering it.
  • Works on mobile device using web browser. No app download required.
  • Application programming interface.
  • Automated bot, and/or trusted members, handle spam & abuse moderation.
  • Questions & answers type questions.

Project Ivory :

  • Single page layout, with interesting interface based around functions you need to access quickly being docked at the edges of the window.
  • New threads at top by default, then a homebrew best sort.
  • Reddit style user pages.

Retroshare :

  • Fully distributed friend-to-friend.
  • Eavesdropping-secure communication.
  • Chat, file-sharing, etc. functionality, but also something bulletin-board like.
  • People can only see topics that their friends have posted or subscribed to, so better topics become more visible by spreading through the friend to friend network.
  • Anonymous posting possible.

Debiki :

  • Arrows makes it easy to understand how comments relate to each other, and to scroll back to the parent reply (you don’t have to count indentation levels — follow the arrow instead).
  • Intended to work well also when the discussion grows huge: A two dimensional layout gives a good overview (but people complain about scrolling horizontally). And comments are sorted by upvotes, using a novel and fair sorting algorithm (not yet implemented), and less interesting comments are collapsed. So even if a forum topic is too huge to be read in whole, you could simply start reading, and you’d then read the most interesting comments first, and when you’re done reading you wouldn’t be wondering “what was it I missed”.
  • It’s supposed to be a debate wiki, where people can edit or suggest edits to each other’s comments, and collaboratively collapse uninteresting subthreads. (Only somewhat implemented.)

Some Free And Honorable Mentions:

  • Our favorite right now is Xenforo. It does cost money for a license but it’s fantastic, clean, well-engineered and very modern compared to most other options. It was written as a total grounds-up rewrite of vBulletin by a core team of former vB developers who were frustrated with how crappy vB was and wanted to start over from scratch.
  • The best free option is probably still phpBB. SMF is also decent. We recommend avoiding vBulletin and IP.Board.
  • If you like WordPress and want to manage your site and community in the same system, there is a great forum plugin BBPress that is actively maintained and easily customizable.
5 Alternative Of WordPress For Your Blogs That Are Incredibly

5 Alternative Of WordPress For Your Blogs That Are Incredibly

WordPress is so far ahead in my honest opinion. Just start with a clean theme from scratch using the Codex and it’s basically headache-free. You need to realize that everything WordPress needs is outside the theme. Just create a style.css with the necessary information at the top (Theme name: Your theme etc), and then crank out that html and php on a blank slated index.php. Ahhh! peace of mind. However, there are some best alternative for you in different aspects to wordpress: