Why Litespeed Web Server is becoming popular?

Why Litespeed Web Server is becoming popular?

Starting and running a successful web hosting company is not easy. One of the things you need is a reliable web server. It is the desire of every webmaster to find a company that offers good speed as well as error free web server. However, selecting the best web server can be one of the most daunting tasks for beginners. It is advisable to conduct proper research to can make an informed decision. Litespeed Web Server is among the best options to go for. If you are a growing businessperson then LiteSpeed web server is the best solution to all your problems. Besides the speed, Litespeed Web Server is a great option for sites to be hosted including Drupal, Word Press and Joomla among others. No one would want to waste his or her time on a site whose speed is too slow. If you would like to avoid any issues related to speed then it is high time you thought about Litespeed Web server. To find out more about the web server, read on.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions

There are different options to consider when it comes to Litespeed Web Server. Here are the three editions offered by the company.

OpenLiteSpeed Edition

The open lite edition can be accessed for free. It can also be used by both experienced users as well as novices. This implies that the hosting services can be managed by an individual with or without any form of assistance from an expert. The server is compatible with high traffic sites. It also comes with built-in page caching. It is considered a perfect option when it comes to personal use.

Standard Edition

If you are looking for a web server for small sites then you have come to the right place. The edition also comes for free and can be compatible with Apache. It is also compatible with different hosting panels. It works perfectly with web servers when used with cloud infrastructure. The server can be applied for both commercial and personal use depending on your preference.

Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition combines feature of editions. The edition is compatible with hosting control platforms. In addition, it provides users with amazing support. It also assists webmasters whose main job is selling products to other parties.

Why choose Litespeed web server

As we mentioned earlier, selecting the best web server is not a walk in the park. Litespeed Web Server comes with many features that will make you fall in love with it even more. Here are good reasons to choose Litespeed Web server or any other.

LiteSpeed is a perfect replacement of Apache

Do you have apache running on your servers? Well, if you would like to speed they up then you have no reason to look beyond Litespeed Web server. The transition is not only smooth but also easy. You only need to code in .htaccess and then proceed. The httpd.conf file will continue to work in a similar manner. The switch from Apache to Litespeed server is likely to take some time. The process normally takes around 2-3 seconds on average. There is a free plugin that can be used in case you are working on cPanel/WHM.

The Server increases performance

The server is a perfect choice for busy sites. A busy site, in this case, means websites that attract massive traffic from time to time. The server works well with minimal hardware resources required for the same. You only need a CPU and memory. The server serves static content at a faster rate compared to any other server out there. The server increases PHP performance because it boasts of custom PHP LSAPI. The service will also save you a lot of money in the long run. It is not mandatory to dig deeper into your pocket in the name of web server when Litespeed has a solution for you. For instance, if you have a WordPress site a Cpanel host that applies Apache which has been costing your downtime as well as costing your visitors to your website then you can solve the issue by going for LiteSpeed. The load will drop by as high as 20+ once you install the web server. There are many businesses that have grown into global spanning conglomeration because of the Litespeed web server.

LiteSpeed Web Server boosts security

Security is among the most important considerations as far as web hosting is concerned. If you want to promote the security of your site then you will never go wrong with Litespeed. The mod security module can be applied in blocking web attacks. There is no extra work required when it comes to offering security to your site. The same rules applied with Apache will be used when it comes to Litespeed server. The web server comes with a wide range of security features to protect your site from DoS or DDoS attack. These forms of attacks are very common in the modern world and Litespeed is the only way to protect your site. The web server has built-in anti-DDoS including connection and bandwidth throttling among others. The features have the capability to fix the attacks in less than 2 hours hence protecting your site from any peril.

LiteSpeed lowers hardware costs
It does not make sense to waste money on other web servers that will not meet your needs. It is considered better to pay $ 32 to get the Litespeed license instead of hundreds of dollars in adding more hardware to enable your site to handle more load. The server also brings extra benefits such as additional security and speed of your website. Furthermore, it lowers the costs for systems administration because it comes with 24/7 customer support. Whether it is a weekend or holiday, the customer support team will address your queries hence giving you’re a peace of mind.

Better results and more profit

Loss of visitors because of downtime leads to loss of profit. Business owners who run busy e-commerce sites never want to experience downtime even for a second. Litespeed is the best way to solve this problem once and for all.

Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud? Choosing the Best Web Hosting Plan

Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud? Choosing the Best Web Hosting Plan


If you have been thinking about having your own website then the one of the first decision to make would be choosing a hosting plan. While many businesses obsess, and rightly so, over choosing the perfect domain name, not enough attention is paid when it comes to choosing the right hosting plan. This is a mistake and many businesses have paid the price for the same.

Not choosing the right web hosting plan means you can suffer losses in multiple ways including downtimes, slow speed, and monetary costs. However, the good news is that with just a little bit of knowledge about the pros and cons of each hosting plans, you can settle on one which is best aligned with your budget and anticipated growth.

Shared hosting plans

As the name suggests, shared web hosting services refers to plans where the service provider hosts and supports a number of websites through its servers. In other words, your website would be sharing resources such as disk space, memory, and computing power with others. Shared web hosting is without a doubt the most popular on account of their cost and ease of operation. There are a number of service providers offering truly cheap shared web hosting plans. For small businesses and websites for personal usage that do not expect major incoming traffic, shared hosting makes the most sense.


  • Cost: Since server resources are shared among multiple users, the total running, and maintenance costs are divided up among them, making it an affordable option.
  • Ease of operation: Shared hosting means that you would not have to worry about acquiring webmaster’s technical skills. Every aspect including maintenance and security is handled by the dedicated team of a shared hosting service provider.
  • Security: With shared hosting plans, you do not have to worry about firewalls and other security measures as it taken care of by the service provider.
  • Control Panel: cPanel or Plesk is usually included for free to manage your website.


  • Limited space and bandwidth: As mentioned earlier, on shared hosting plans users share the server resources such as overall disk space, bandwidth, memory, and CPU speed. This may at times result in slow loading speed for your website or down times.
  • Server Blacklist: Sometimes ISPs and search engines blacklist servers on account of objectionable content or spamming activities. This means that your website may suffer from such action due to activities of another website hosted on the same server as you.
  • Control: A shared hosting plan does not offer users the control to customize their operations by using specific software, scripts, and apps.

Dedicated hosting plans

Dedicated hosting plans are typically for users who expect a large volume of traffic to their websites. As opposed to shared plans, dedicated hosting entails a server which is used exclusively by one user. In other words, there is no constraint on you in terms of resources such as bandwidth, processing speed, memory, and disk space.

However, dedicated server price is also considerably higher than shared hosting Although there are several relatively cheap dedicated hosting plans available. In addition, dedicated hosting means you would either need to have specific webmaster skills or hire someone carries out maintenance and security operations.


  • Abundant bandwidth and space: With dedicated hosting, you do not have to share limited resources and your website’s performance is limited only by the specs of the server being used. In other words, the website would load quicker, and you could upload a lot more files on your website.
  • No threat of blacklisting: Since your website would be the only one operating out of the dedicated server, there would be no threat of being blacklisted by ISPs and search engines for spamming and other forbidden activities performed by other websites.
  • Customization: With dedicated servers for web hosting, you can easily customize by installing your preferred software, scripts and apps.


  • Costs: As mentioned above, dedicated hosting server means that you would be solely responsible for all the maintenance, operating and security expenditure. This makes dedicated website hosting a much more expensive prospect than shared hosting plans.
  • Technical skills: Dedicated website hosting plans mean that you would need to have technical skills to take care of all aspects of server operations and maintenance or hire someone with those skills.
  • Security: Users with dedicated web hosting plans have the responsibility to install all the security measures by themselves as opposed to shared hosting plans.

Cloud hosting plans

Cloud hosting is an entirely different beast compared to shared and dedicated plans. Cloud web services entail a network of connected servers, called a ‘cloud’, that collectively host a number of websites. They are different from shared plans in terms of their ability to handle high traffic volumes with ease and very little down time. While both shared and cloud hosting services host a number of the website together, the technical resources and capabilities of cloud hosting are much larger.


1. Cost: While more expensive than shared hosting, cloud web hosting products offer significant savings when compared to dedicated servers. From software, apps, security to physical space, you do not have to worry about incurring extra expenditure.

2. Ease of use: One of the big draws of cloud web hosting services has been the ease of use they provide. For example, users get a 100% uptime reliability with Cloud Hosting.

3. High Availability: Cloud Hosting offers you the highest availability for your services which neither Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting can ever provide. Cloud Hosting can make sure your website never goes down.


1. Compromised Bandwidth: Bandwidth in cloud computing can become an expensive affair. Since there are multiple servers involved in handling a Cloud Infrastructure there is more bandwidth consumption.

2. Resources: Scaling is certainly the most crucial element of Cloud Hosting, however, with this feature the cost for computing and memory can drastically increase overnight depending upon your applications.


It should be clear that all three plans described above offer unique benefits and suffer from a few drawbacks. As a customer, your goal should be to be clear about your website’s needs and requirements, as well as your budget, so that you can zero in on a plan that meets your goals.

Why to choose German Servers for your Business

Why to choose German Servers for your Business

Any online business needs to deliver services to its customers at a level of satisfaction as well as quality that is on par with what the rest of the competitors and other close providers are offering to the same audience.As such, your business could do with a ramping up of resources and shut off resources to the cloud is made easy, quick and painless. Any and all applications that are run on these servers tend to be latent free and they also perform better. On the whole lot, your customers will be a happy lot when your website is rarely offline or taken for maintenance which is the reason these servers have been incubated in the most advanced infrastructure in existence.

Failover is often a problem which faces many businesses that are seeking to move into the cloud and German servers have everything required to get your business running at the efficiency and scale of your choosing. No longer will you have to worry about data redundancy or getting files moved from one server to another without an administration consent. All the necessary security mechanisms we have put in place ensure that no data leaks and you have all the information running your business at the tips of your fingers within minutes thanks to remote access. Distributing storage between servers is often a handy trick for programmers and website designers and our servers take this into consideration when maintaining the uptime of your hosted systems.For a start, they will be able to move data at scale and be in a position to transfer backups of the information to the spare servers thus ensuring that you have easy and unfettered access to all your business applications and able to glean something from the data that you work and play with as a business for the betterment of services provision.

German servers are dedicated in the sense that all the bandwidth belonging to a server is dedicated to just the applications that you install in there thus making it possible for your business to go on uninterrupted.They come with easy configurations that are also presented as templates thus assuring you of the best performing set of servers your business will ever require.They can, for instance, be used in medical research and running high-scale simulations which require enormous amounts of computing power to be able to get up and running. This makes them useful for not just businesses, but other areas of application such as academia and the government. As you think of scaling up your business or improving it by a bit, these dedicated servers are always on hand and will be there to host all your applications and other business related infrastructural programs.
By such dedication to your business needs, you will find it easy, seamless and effortless to get your business going regardless of the scale or scope of data that you are working with. It also makes it easy to maintain the operations of your internet-based business and as far as this goes, you will be the one in charge of all data and its flow to and from the infrastructure will always be visible. Additionally, you are also in a better position to do something good with your business such as offering them with more streamlined access to services and information that you’d need to use towards the improvement of your relation with customers. They will be able to get to their accounts more securely and be much safer in the knowledge they can always access your servers and reach the data they need. As this continues, you’ll no longer have to be worried about keeping your business running on smoothly but instead, looking for ways to improve and get it to greater levels of operations.
Improve your business today by getting yourself the best hosting options that will never leave you out of business owing to downtime or insufficient bandwidth. Instead, be powering through business at the speed of possibility and never have to lose out on an opportunity by the mere fact you were unable to get the best hosting for your apps and databases to work in sync with each other.The servers are delicately balanced and work in perfect harmony together thus assuring all the parties involved in a smooth processing and dissemination of the information to the customers who need to shopping or research online.
These servers are a state of the art and in their caliber comes great, even exceptional performance that is just as great as having an entire center connected to your business to give it that boost in service provision. It is also quite relieving to notice that these servers keep your data away from malware and other forms of attacks that are in a way demeaning to business interests and entirely unacceptable.They also come with ready support and easy round the clock maintenance by professionals who are exceptional at their duties. It is also a comfort to know your customer’s information is being stored securely and no malicious attacker is able to reach it.The customers will trust your business more and also feel more comfortable working with you.

Obviously, the needs of your business come before all else and when you have got the best infrastructure in which to host your applications, business will run very smoothly and you will be able to realize better returns on all your investments not to mention the added advantage of being online for a better part of the quarter. It is also the main aim of most businesses to reach more customers and still be in a position to provide dedicated services that rarely go down. Also, you will be able to move faster and further with dedicated insights and data with which your business can move. In case you are seeking to give your business a boost by hosting its applications on the best infrastructure, feel welcome to reach out to us and ask all the curious questions you might have to do with the dedicated hosting for websites and web applications offered.

Netherlands dedicated servers – Why are they meant for you.

Netherlands dedicated servers – Why are they meant for you.

Running a business requires that you have all that is necessary to keep it moving forward no matter the challenges and obstacles which could have gotten in your way thus preventing you from getting the full benefits of running a business online.To start with, dedicated servers tend to come with a lot of computing capacity and the infrastructure is often designed to perfection and gets data in and out at blurry speeds. The dedicated server is also protected from all kinds of attacks which could, for example, happen in cyberspace and information get stolen while it is still being moved. Such attacks are only possible if you let them be and when you accord your hosting needs the same attention given to other business operations; you will find things running quite smoothly and rarely will you bump into trouble or the unexpected bout of downtime that tends to lag things.

After all, customers will still anticipate the best from you and will look up to your organization to get the services and products which they might have spent a while in bringing up to standard and by web guidelines.Such crafty and dedicated hosting also gives the customers the services that are said to be out of this reality were in a certain sense of the phrase you will rarely be required to keep moving resources from one server or data center to another all in the name of customer satisfaction.Instead, you’ll simply be getting the information the audience is looking for down to them without having to go through a lot of processes in way of getting them the best.

A good caliber for the hosting infrastructure gives you unparalleled capacity which has not been witnessed in any other place.With servers in the Netherlands, your data will be secure from all kinds of snooping and people trying to hack which includes undercover government operatives looking for new ways to mine the digital economy. With an increasing number of internet visitors comes the increase independence or reliance on the available resources. Hosting your website or business application on a dedicated server gives you the freedom and access you need to get your business running at the speed of the internet.Itisalsoastart in the sense that it enables you to give the customers a better level of services that are in line with the aspirations and ambitions that your business has no doubt set for itself.

Also, there are seasons when the loads on your computational infrastructure get to dangerously high levels and having a set of servers that can assist each other with lifting the performance levels to get your business moving, even sluggishly, to provide services that the customers are in need of. It is also quite interesting to note that dedicated servers can only be accessed by yourself from the inside and the rest is simply a facade via which the audience can reach you.A lot of the work will mostly be left to the servers which are capable of collating and relating data to match their inbuilt parameters. During such times, blaming your loss on the lack of server rarely does any good but with a hosting solution that can get your business running smoothly albeit a little effortlessly, everything else will be fun and steady profit influx for your business. This also comes in addition to a stronger brand that can take on the market and penetrate deep into the demography.

Our Netherlands dedicated servers have been built according to the latest standards and have all the prerequisite security features put securely in place to prevent your business from grinding to a halt whenever there is a power shortage, or a server goes down.All your information stays under the protection of firewalls and all the necessary applications that monitor and secure your web applications from all kinds of harm that could come in the form of worms, viruses, malware and so on.These servers are also mean to keep your business running and not having any unfortunate interruptions which are mostly in an aim of stopping your operations altogether instead of heading in the proper direction. With failover features and distributed resource sharing, your customers can access the same application simultaneously and still be able to get the same level of service delivery. This is all possible thanks to the best hosting services that are aimed at growing long with your business and getting your level of operations a notch higher.It all boils down to the question of keeping your information flowing safe streams, and when you have done all that is necessary to get your customers accessing your website from any device, then you can be considered to have made the right choice.

We are available right around the clock in case you may need to have a server moved the data trunked into storage for backup and our support specialists have got what it takes to give you exceptional, reliable and memorable services.For more, feel free to get in touch with us through our website and get to learn more about how your business can move ahead with our data infrastructure.We are also ready and willing to listen to any suggestions you come up with as well as giving you useful tips to making the best choice for the progress of your business especially with the internet and hosted applications.
Get your business that much-needed boost in the direction that you want by setting up the digital end of a stable, reliable infrastructure. Servers that are hosted in the Netherlands are safe, reliable and virtually impenetrable from incoming kind of attacks. Our servers can assure your business data and applications of all the hardware, computing power and information you require for just about any reason. This keeps you at par with the rest of your competition hence making it possible to host web applications operating at massive scale. Also feel more than welcome to try our services for an experience your customers shall surely appreciate and a relationship which will be both fruitful and profitable.