Consider These Things while Registering Domain

Consider These Things while Registering Domain

How To Register a Domain: Things You Should Know

Registering your domain is the very first thing that you need to do before starting the development of your website. Domain serves as the address of your website and provides you with a multitude of advantages.

It is really important to register your own domain name every time you own a website. In simple words, it is like giving your website a name and a unique one as well. Two websites can never have the same domain name. The domain name is used to refer to a website for e.g. “”. It is not at all mandatory to have a business or organization to register a domain name, any individual with any kind of website can and must have a domain name. Few of the important reasons for registering a domain name are listed below.

  • You might, at some point of time, face the need of changing the web host. With the change of web host, it is not mandatory to change the URL or the web address. The viewers you have will type in your previous domain name and they would be on your new site. Basically, the domain follows you even if you replace the hosting server.
  • Domain names offer credibility. Business websites without domain names are never preferred.
  • If you are looking for sponsors, Domain names take you a step ahead than the rest.

There are few steps one needs to know while registering a domain name. ICANN is the organization to approach for registering the desired domain name you want. This organization gives you the right to the particular domain name for a year and it has to be renewed annually to keep the authority. We discuss the steps to follow while registering the domain name.

  • Choose the right domain name and choose a unique one. There’s always a possibility that the domain name you choose is already been taken.
  • Always keep a credit card or PayPal account to pay for the domain name. It’s a requirement for nearly all registrars
  • You might as well already have a web host, be sure to ask the names of the primary and secondary name servers from them and be certain to save the information somewhere secure. The information is usually available in the FAQs of their sites. The information is required to point your domain name to your website post buying of the domain.
  • There’s no issue if you do not have a web host already. The registrar can park your domain name at a temporary website that is specially set up for you. This allows one to secure the domain name in this competitive market before its too late and gradually with time develop the other aspects of the site. Some of the registrars also provide you with a dedicated and free email address at your own domain name while it is parked at their website.

In some cases, a number of commercial web host companies offer you with a free domain name if you choose to host your site with them. Though, it is advisable to register the name directly with a domain registrar rather than opting for a web host company.

Domain names do disappear extremely fast and with the stakes roaring up and new sites coming up every second it is better to register it at the earliest and save the horror of repenting later.